Resources for Sellers

Get Started on the Right Foot!

Why Hire an Agent?
A) You get more Money. Studies show that sellers who use a real estate agent generally get a better price than those who choose to sell the home themselves. Even with commissions in the picture, you still wind up with more. I advertise your home everywhere on the internet possible to bring you buyers and Re/Max is now in 110 + countries. As an agent, it is my job to stay up to date on the latest market trends and fluctuations. Utilizing an agent means “NO-SURPRISES” during the selling process, as you will have the latest information at critical junctures in the process. Let me put my 4 decades of experience to work for you to ensure you get the best price for your home!

B) Security is paramount. Having a Realtor means that now there is a second set of eyes on a buyer as they walk through your home to see if it is right for them. Furthermore, as professional agents we typically pre-qualify a buyer BEFORE we meet them or put them in our car to make sure they are a legitimate buyer and can afford your home. Selling on your own or with a limited servicing agent, you never know who is at your door, you don’t know their credit scores, if they can even qualify for your home, if they have proof of funds or if they are there for an illegal visit with ill intentions to case the home and come back later.

    3) We minimize your liability. As your agent, I know the proper and most updated forms and documents required to successfully complete a real estate transaction. Guidelines with the State and with Lenders change quite often and these changes are there to protect the consumer – YOU. Without an agent you are open to the problems that an uneducated owner can run into if you have a savvy buyer. We protect your interests and keep you out of the courtroom.

    4) You save endless hours of time. We do all the legwork in getting professional photos done including Drone shots, we spend the time and money to advertise and do open houses if you desire those and we do all the paperwork explaining what the documents mean and obtain initials and signatures in the right places and all within the proper time frames. We keep a spreadsheet on all of the “timing constraints” within a contract so it doesn’t become breached. A buyer has many way to back out and get their earnest money back. Sellers do not.

    5) Availability. When a buyer calls on a property and that call doesn’t get answered or goes into voicemail, you have most likely lost a sale. Today’s buyer is not yesterday’s buyer, meaning, there is no patience to leave a voicemail. They will just call the next number on their list or the next agent. ”If the phone does not get answered, your home is not for sale. Period” I always answer my phone even if it’s in the evenings, weekend or holidays. If the buyer is there, then I am there on the clock for you.

    6) Exposure. In selling homes for over 40 years, you earn the experience of knowing where to advertise and get buyers. I work with relocation companies, I am well known in the Re/Max Referral Network System that is global, have a large sphere of influence and I market your home everywhere it takes to get people in your door.

    7) Motivation. As a source of income, a motivated agent will go out and seek that special buyer for your home instead of waiting for them to contact you from a sign in the yard or a social media post.

    • Before Your Home is Listed
      Prior to listing your home, you’ll want to ensure everything is in good showing condition before buyers start to tour the home. Here are some important things to consider:
      • Start Packing
        Now is the time to put things in storage, have a garage sale, donate items or just throw stuff out. Clean out the garage and start preparing to show your home. Remove any family photos or personal items. Remember, you want buyers to see themselves in your home! It shouldn’t look cluttered because that takes away from the perspective sizes of the rooms.
      • Spot Paint
        Touch up both interior and exterior paint. (or you can sell it as is, for a lesser price to have it done themselves)
      • Update Carpet
        Clean or replace the carpet in areas with heavy wear. (or you can sell it as is, for a lesser price to have it done themselves)
      • Extra Cleaning
        Keep the interior and exterior clean and odor free. There’s a cliché’ in our industry; “If you smell it – you can’t sell it”.
      • Curb Appeal
        Trim any overgrown bushes, mow the lawn and keep it free of leaves or weeds. Make sure the front of the home is clean and appealing. You want to make a strong first impression! The “drive up appeal” sets the tone of what the buyer may expect inside the home.
      • Find Potential Problems Early
        Once you’ve completed these steps you may want to consider hiring someone to perform a pre-listing inspection or just have your agent walk the home with you to possibly have another set of eyes point things out that may be of “buyer’s disinterest”. Buyers will be hiring professional inspectors too so this is your chance to find and address problems before it’s time to sell.
    • Staging
      An agent will help you in advising you with the internal aspects of your home, furniture and floor plan to help give buyers the appeal they’re looking for.
    • During the Listing Period
      You can be home during the showing or not be home – that is your choice, however, most buyers like to not feel rushed because you are watching or present. You’ll need to plan to have something to do during the times potential buyers visit your home. If you are home, just allow them the freedom to look through the home but let them know you are there to answer any questions about the home, neighborhood or utility usage. If initial offers don’t meet your expectations, don’t dismiss them immediately. You may need to consider lowering your asking price if weeks or months go by with few or no offers. However, by working with your agent you will be able to know exactly where to price your home and arrive at a price that works for all parties. Your asking price will do only one of two things; Either it will sell your home or it will sell your neighboring competitors home.